Izzie’s Delicatessen

Project Scope: MarketingVisual Branding

“I am honored and happy to write this testimonial for Sarah Shaak from SSC. When choosing someone to handle creative and branding for something that is so personal and important to your business, it is often a gamble that both parties can or will agree or even see a vision or design the same way. I am fortunate to have met Sarah and to receive the personal and timely attention that was needed in order for us to make so many decisions imperative to the business we were starting and the logo we were designing. Sarah was extremely professional and provided a relaxed and comfortable environment for us to collaborate and create. Her suggestions and creative ideas were on point to our missions and goals. She was able to take our vision and create many aspects of our business that we needed handled. Her turnaround time was appropriate and timely. Her patience with us was unmatched considering much of this process was new to us. She continues today to be someone we reach out to for all our creative decisions and design. I am sure that she will be a great partner to anyone who is fortunate enough to have her as a part of their team. I only hope Sarah’s continued success does not leave her too busy for my needs!”

Dan Maltin, Owner, Izzie's Delicatessen

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